Fly ash cement Bricks


Fly ash cement Bricks are masonry units that are used in the construction of buildings. They are considered to be a part of good and affordable building materials. They contain Class C Fly ash, OPC/PPC Cement, Sand, Fine Aggregate, Water and Concrete Additive/Hardener.


Fly ash cement bricks can be used as an alternative material for burnt clay bricks which is one of the important building materials used for the construction of housing and buildings.


Why you should prefer our Fly Ash Brick


These bricks, akin to cement in color, are uniform, smooth, and need no plastering. Dense, crack-free, and less porous, they offer simplicity in construction with their uniform size.

Structural Capability

They are multiple load-bearing grades, reduced mortar plastering, and a sleek appearance. Compressive strength of these bricks is av. 11.5 N/mm2 (as against 3.50 N/mm2 for handmade clay bricks)

Thermal properties

Thermal conductivity is 0.90-1.05 W/m2 oC (20-30% less than those of concrete blocks). These bricks do not absorb heat; they reflect heat and gives maximum light reflection without glare.

Sound insulation

Fly ash bricks excel in sound insulation, effectively reducing noise transmission and enhancing the acoustic comfort of buildings, making them an ideal choice for soundproofing needs.

Durability and moisture resistance

These blocks, robust and uniform with sharp corners, offer high durability. They allow direct painting with dry distemper and cement paints after joint pointing, reducing wall dampness with low water absorption.

Buildability, availability and cost

These blocks offer easy workability and high compressive strength, minimizing breakage and wastage, resulting in a neat finish with thinner joints and plaster. Construction techniques remain unchanged.

Applicabile & Eco Friendly

Versatile blocks suit load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. In India, clay brick production emits 270 tons of CO2 per million bricks. Energy-efficient fly ash bricks align with Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism.

Fire and vermin resistance

Fly ash bricks offer high fire resistance and are immune to vermin attacks or infestations, ensuring long-lasting performance and safety. Fire Resistant - Non-combustible up to 1600oc and up to 6 hours of direct exposure.

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Details of Raw Material:
1. Pulverized fuel ash/ Fly ash – IS 3812 (Part 1) or IS 3812 (Part 2)
2. Fine aggregates – IS 383
3. Stone Dust
4. Crusher Sand
5. Cement – Clause 6.3 of IS 16720
6. Chemical admixture – IS 9103
7. Water – As per requirements specified in IS 456

Manufactured by using Block making machine (Vibro Compaction Method)
Conforms to IS code 16720: 2018


Brick with Frog
Size: 230 mm x 110 mm x 70 mm
Average Compressive Strength: 11.5 N/mm2
Average Gross Density: 1800 kg/m3

Design can be customise the shapes and designs as per bulk order requirement.

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