Concrete Design, Rajouri is manufacturing unit fully equipped to effectively develop energy saving building and road solutions besides other concrete products under Green India Initiative.

Concrete Design (ISO 9001:2015 Certified) aims to accelerate the production and commercialization of Fly ash Cement Bricks, Plain Cement Concrete Brick, Solid Blocks, Hollow Blocks, Anti-Skid Pavers, Paver Blocks/Interlocking Tiles, Chequered Tiles and Concrete Cover Blocks, etc. Concrete Design Rajouri provides consistent quality products leading to long-lasting building solutions.

OUR Vision

Concrete Design Rajouri strives to make precast concrete the preferred construction technology of choice and in the process provide precast solutions that simplify and streamline the construction process across India’s evolving.


Concrete Design Rajouri makes a concrete commitment to provide the best quality precast products with customer-centric solutions through efficiency and ingenuity.


The environmental-friendly and cost-effective solution addresses the growing demands for affordable housing and other construction projects. It also addresses deforestation and sustainable resource management in emerging construction scenario by providing low-carbon construction techniques.


Our vibro compaction technology is generally used for compaction of high-strength concrete blocks such as bricks, pavers, blocks.

Our technology is based on the following principle: the pressure is combined with forced vibrations which is called the vibro compaction method. The most important characteristics of our blocks are their strength and freeze-thaw durability. Both of them increase by increasing the density of the block using the same raw concrete composition – sand, stone dust, aggregate, cement, water and chemical additives.

Consolidation by vibration is mostly described as consisting of two stages – the first comprising subsidence or slumping of the concrete, and the second reaeration (removal of entrapped air bubbles). Effects of our vibro compaction process on the strength of the concrete is much better than the manual pressing machines in the market.

As the particles are pressed to closer, the vibration will excite all the particles so that they shuffle into place together. As the particles vibrate, the volume is reduced; this compaction is more uniform from outside inward from all the surface, not just the top.

Our Quality Control Lab

We use a variety of methods to monitor our processes, including standard operating procedures, training, and reliable and well-maintained equipment. We also use quality control samples to verify the accuracy of our results.

Quality control of concrete products involves ensuring that the concrete mix meets the required specifications, and that the finished product has the desired properties, such as strength, durability, workability, and appearance. This is achieved through testing and monitoring at various stages of production, curing and delivery.

Quality Test of Concrete Materials is also done while procuring raw material as concrete is composed of cement, fine aggregates (sand), coarse aggregates, and water. As a result, the quality of all of these materials must be checked to ensure that the quality of the concrete produced is up to the desired standards.