Our Concrete Cover Blocks are made as per IS 456- 2000. A multi-cover block is essentially a spacer used to lift the Steel mesh off the ground so that concrete may flow under the rebars. Also, know the Cover Block Rate. 


Cover blocks are used for the many following reasons: Maintain a specified distance between the rebar and the shuttering. To protect the steel reinforcement bars from environmental effects to prevent their corrosion. Provide thermal insulation, which protects the reinforcement bars from fire.

Why cover block is Important?

  • It protects the Reinforcement from Environmental exposure or Corrosion.
  • Maintain a specific distance between the steel bars and the shuttering
  • Give reinforcing bars sufficient embedding to enable them to be stressed without slipping.
  • Provide thermal insulation, which covers the reinforcement bars from fire

Why you should prefer our Cover Blocks

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Cover block packing (pack of 150)

  • Footing- 50 mm
  • Column- 40 mm
  • Beam- 25 mm
  • RCC Slab- 15 mm
  • Staircase-15 mm

Other Names of Cover Blocks are Coral Concrete Cover Block, Concrete Spacer Block, ReinforcedConcrete Cement Cover

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