Anti Skid Uni Paver Blocks


Our Anti Skid Pavers are manufactured with the high-quality automatic block making machine using vibro compaction method. Vibro compaction brings high strength to our paver blocks.


Our Anti-Skid Pavers, crafted with top-quality automatic block making machines utilizing vibro compaction, feature highly durable and stable surfaces. They offer creative design possibilities with different sizes, colors, and textures. These versatile pavers find extensive use in various settings, from pedestrian walkways to heavy traffic areas, enhancing outdoor aesthetics with a wide range of shapes and colors, unlike conventional asphalt or poured concrete solutions.


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Manufactured by using Block making machine (Vibro Compaction Method)
Conforms to IS Code 15658:2006

Details of Raw Material:
1. Cement – OPC/PPC
2. Aggregate
3. Stone Dust
4. Crusher Sand
5. Chemical admixture
6. Water


Design in (mm) : Uni paver / Zigzag (L 225 x W 112.5 x H 80).
Nos. per sqft : 3.4
Average Compressive Strength : 35/ 40 N/mm2
Compliance : BIS Standards
Surface Texture : Smooth finish/ Rough Finish / Texture Finish
Colour : Customised Colour schemes.

Design can be customise the shapes and designs as per bulk order requirement.

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